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Bespoke Data

Bespoke Data helps clients use financial information and wider business data to develop their strategic and reporting infrastructure, in turn driving their growth and profitability. Our unique skillset and internally developed processes allow us to leverage the latest technology such as Power BI.

Using our experience of building bespoke models and analytics platforms for leading private equity backed companies, Bespoke Data has developed a leading range of subscription forecast model and analytics platforms. While bespoke platform builds are still available, our subscription products are developed to work for the vast majority of businesses. In addition to subscription products our offer extends to professional services to help get up and running with our subscription platforms, if required.

When you are ready to take a trial or buy, you can contact our team to assist you with onboarding. Following onboarding you can manage everything from your online account.

Strategic infrastructure specialists developing Financial Model and Data Analytics platforms for clients across the UK

What do we Offer?

Subscription forecast models

Subscription data analytics - automated management accounts


The right infrastructure improves strategic decision making, and automation further improves profitability

Private Equity

Our platforms allow the strategic plan to be analysed to fuel growth, and then maximise the result on exit

CF Advisors

Not only do we support your clients, but our platforms provide key financials and stats for your IM

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